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This joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society has created one of the world's most popular nature apps. iNaturalist helps amateur naturalists to identify plants and animals, and record their observations as species occurrences. In a community of over 750,000 scientists and naturalists, users create research quality data for scientists working to better understand and protect nature. If a user has photographed a species which they struggle to identify, iNaturalist has scientists and expert naturalists who are happy to help with identification. No wonder this app has generated so much interest!

To become a part of the iNaturalist community, just download the app and sign up for free! If you are interested in browsing other users' species occurrences, iNaturalist has the opportunity to search for species (common or scientific name) on both mobile and desktop platforms. You can also try to identify other people's observations, enjoy meet other users with similar interests, and participate in projects that other users on iNaturalist are running. Anyone with a smartphone or computer has access to iNaturalist, which is summarized in this How can I use it? article.