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Wikispecies is a free species directory which aims to become an open, extensive, and editable data base for all scientists and non-scientists alike. Similar to Wikipedia, Wikispecies is written entirely by volunteers without pay, so it cannot be guaranteed that all information is reviewed and correct. Seeing as anyone with Internet access can write and make changes to articles, the Wikimedia community has developed many policies and guidelines to maintain integrity. However, it is not a formal requirement to be familiar with these policies before contributing. Wikispecies is a wonderful platform for the general public to assist in building a central, extensive database for taxonomy for the world. We ask that our users keep in mind that Wikispecies is more a casual resource than academic or scientific.

To use this website most efficiently, you can search for any species to explore taxonavigation, (allows user to learn about species-specific taxonomy rankings), names, synonyms, external resources, and more. It is recommended that you search for a species using its scientific name instead of the common name; for example Ursus maritimus instead of Polar Bear.

In case of any issues or confusion, please refer to Wikispecies' help page here.