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Barcode of Life Data System (BOLD)

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BOLD is a cloud-based data storage and analysis platform developed at the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics in Canada. It consists of four main modules: a data portal, an educational portal, a registry of BINs (putative species), and a data collection and analysis workbench.

The data portal allows for searching over 1.7M public records in BOLD using multiple search criteria including, but not limited to, geography, taxonomy, and depository. This module is most applicable to our Arctic Bioscan website, and will be linked to consistently in our species pages. This portal allows the user to search for data using taxonomy (scientific names only), geography, attribution fields (i.e. collectors and taxonomists), specimen depositories, project or dataset codes, specimen and sequence identifiers (sampleids, museumids, processed, etc). Once the user has located a species, they can then explore a detailed description, collection of statistics, specimen depositories, sequencing labs, collection sites, and imagery.

The education portal allows teachers and students alike, to explore barcode data and contribute novel barcodes to the BOLD database. The BIN database and workbench modules are beyond the scope of the ARCBIO website, but if you are interested in Barcode Index Numbers (BINs) and sequence clusters that closely approximate species, feel free to explore this area of BOLD's website.

With this much data, BOLD can seem intimidating; but don't worry! BOLD has provided a series of frequently asked questions for new and experienced users alike. Please explore this helpful page to learn more about how uniquely useful the BOLD website can be.