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Welcome to the Arctic BIOSCAN wiki. Our goal is to combine and share knowledge about the Canadian Arctic, using traditional and local sources. This information has been divided into four categories: Life, Environments, Climate, and Media. Please explore the categories below to learn more about the Canadian Arctic, or enter keywords into the wiki search bar to find specific material.

Arctic Life

Arctic Life focuses on the many different organisms which inhabit the Canadian Arctic. These creatures had to develop unique adaptations to survive the harsh living conditions of the Northern Arctic. Our Arctic Life section explores these interesting adaptions, shares some cool facts, and explains the biology behind different terrestrial, marine, and freshwater species. Please click below to learn more about Arctic Life.

Arctic Environments

The Canadian Arctic is bursting with amazing features, which are entirely exclusive to Northern landscapes. Arctic Environments explores these unique attributes, by explaining the knowledge and history behind Arctic inland waters, land, ice, and sky. Please click below to learn more about the coolest environment on the planet.


The Media section contains many different short films which communicate information about the Canadian Arctic. Please click below to hear about the many unique features of the Canadian Arctic.