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NCBI Taxonomy Browser

The NCBI Taxonomy Browser uses the top level of the taxonomy database maintained by NCBI/GenBank, and can provide species-specific information for organisms which are represented in the genetic databases with at least one protein or nucleotid sequence. Every taxon in the list can be searched, clicked, and used to examine the taxonomic structure or to retrieve sequence information.

Each species is labelled with an NCBI ID number. This identification number allows users to search for specific data, and provides links to other genetic databases such as (Nucleotide, Protein, PubMed, etc.). Our website provides the NCBI ID number for each species so that our users can explore full lineages, common names, genetic code, mitochondrial genetic code, genome information, and external information resources.

NCBI Taxonomy Browser provides explicit instructions on how to use this resource, which can be found here.