Arctic Life/Arctic Fungi/Basidiomycetes/Order Uredinales

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Puccinia urticata, an example of a rust fungus.

This group of fungi, known as the rusts, are biotrophs on vascular plants. Each species attacks a narrow range of hosts producing a rust disease. Fifty-three species and eleven genera of rusts have been reported in the Canadian Arctic. Rusts are associated with many common Arctic plants, including buckwheat, buttercups, dandelions, louseworts, flax, bluegrass, chickweeds, saxifrages, sedges, willows, and wintergreen.

Some rusts possess very complex life cycles, producing as many as five different types of spores on one or more hosts. However, the life cycle of rusts with two hosts is, in most cases, too time consuming for the short growing season in the Arctic.