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Meet Hannah James & Michelle D’Souza

Hannah James has more than 15 years of experience in journalism and communications. She has produced national TV documentaries covering a range of Indigenous rights issues, and has written about Truth and Reconciliation. Dr. Michelle D'Souza has seven years of...

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The cold can bite you

We really got to appreciate elder George's words when we took the opportunity to go out onto the land with a local friend, Ipeelie Ootoova, on Saturday. He took us north-east of CHARS, over the ice for a little over 20 km, in a skidoo drawn Qamutiik (Inuit sled) lined...

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Community Consultations in Cam Bay

Spending time getting to know the community members of Cambridge Bay has been an important part of our February visit. While meeting local people and having the opportunity to learn more about day-to-day life, cultural traditions and history has been enriching on a...

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