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deWaard JR, S Ratnasingham, EV Zakharov, AV Borisenko, D Steinke, et al. (2019) A reference library for the identification of Canadian invertebrates: 1.5 million DNA barcodes, voucher specimens, and genomic samples. Scientific Data 6: 308.

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Schneider S, Taylor GW, Kremer SC, Burgess P, McGroarty J, Mitsui K, Zhuang A, deWaard JR, Fryxell JM (2022) Bulk arthropod abundance, biomass and diversity estimation using deep learning for computer vision. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 13: 346 – 357.

About Arctic BIOSCAN

Arctic BIOSCAN is a part of the BIOSCAN research program headed by the iBOL Consortium. BIOSCAN will involve more than 1000 researchers from over 30 countries to employ DNA barcodes to speed species discovery, to probe species interactions, and to track species dynamics.

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