Arctic Environments

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The Canadian Arctic is bursting with amazing features, which are entirely exclusive to Northern landscapes. Our Arctic Environments section explores Land, Inland Water, Marine Water, and Sky habitats through a combination of biology and geography.


The Arctic is a strange place, and well worth exploring. Land highlights unique features such as topography, glaciers, freeze/thaw, geology, permafrost, and soils. Explore remarkable Northern landscapes; including lowlands, mountains, and even ice volcanoes. 

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Inland waters

Precipitation levels are low enough to qualify much of the Arctic as a desert, yet water is abundant. Inland Waters are ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams. Explore more than 1 million lakes, and countless rivers or streams in the Arctic, then learn what makes them so unusual. 

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Marine waters

Learn about Canada’s largest marine coastline, stretching from the Beaufort Sea to Ungava Bay. This waterscape of spectacular beauty, is also a driver of the global climate. With mammoth icebergs and tiny floes, bergy bits and ice slush, it’s a setting worth exploring.

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Explore startling and mysterious sights in northern skies, which have long excited the interest of visitors and residents alike. Sky describes frozen flames in the night sky, dancing curtains of northern lights, and brilliant green flashes of the sun; exclusive to the Arctic.

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