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Our Executive Secretary placed a Malaise trap at his home in #Australia late last year. Follow along with @dhobern‘s #ArabaBIOSCAN for some fine #citizenscience and a decent dose of humour.
Donald Hobern @dhobern
#ArabaBioscan week 12 – – more #insects from the #Malaise trap – I’m loving the diversity of #Hymenoptera (and intrigued that this fly can combine party colours with such a sad face) – #BIOSCAN #entomology #DNABarcoding @iBOLConsortium

Saving the survivors of #climatechange: how a small tropical nation is setting a powerful example.
#biodiversity #CostaRica
@Penn_Today @ACGuanacaste @UNBiodiversity @gdfcf_org

Climate change doesn’t spare the smallest

Insect decline in the Anthropocene: Death by a thousand cuts.

New PNAS special issue covers global insect decline and the need for better data. We are working to fill important data gaps with our global research program, #BIOSCAN. #biodiversity

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Arctic Bioscan is a part of the BIOSCAN research program headed by the iBOL Consortium. BIOSCAN will involve more than 1000 researchers from over 30 countries to employ DNA barcodes to speed species discovery, to probe species interactions, and to track species dynamics.

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